Pilates for total body strengthening, rehabilitation, post-surgery, pre-post natal, athletic conditioning, dancers and movers

By Olivia Eng

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In my Pilates classes, you will develop a total body awareness that can be applied to your everyday life and beyond! Whether you are looking to do athletic conditioning, heal from an injury, prepare your body for birth, or just simply gain a greater awareness of how your body moves and functions in general, you've come to the right place! I offer session private and group sessions that are personalized and tailored to your needs. full body conditioning pre/post natal pre/post surgery injury rehabilitation athletic conditioning conditioning for dance


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your home or SF Pilates (870 Market St.)

About Olivia Eng

Olivia Eng has been teaching Pilates since 2013. Inspired to learn the healing techniques of Pilates after a traumatic surgery in which her right leg was partially paralyzed for almost a year, she has firsthand experience of the tremendous benefits of this practice. Today, because of her Pilates practice she is able to walk, dance, and perform again. She has worked with people of all ages, levels, and abilities and loves to help others recover and live their best life. She is STOTT trained (www.merrithew.com) and takes continuing education workshops every year to keep her knowledge up to date. EDUCATION: 2001-2005 University of Califoria, Irvine Bachelor of Fine Arts, Dance Performance Minor, sociology 2006 (March- June) Works 200 Hour Teacher Training (Costa Mesa, California) Yoga Alliance Certification 200 hr level(Certified Yoga Alliance Instructor) 2009 (May-July) Yoga Therapy Training 300 hr (Santa Rosa, California) Yoga Alliance Certification 500 hr level 2012-2013 STOTT MATWORK (Blue Sparrow Pilates, SF, Ca) Sept. 2012 STOTT REFORMER (John Garey Fitness and Pilates, Long Beach, Ca) Oct. 2012 STOTT CADILLAC/CHAIR/BARRELS (John Garey Fitness and Pilates, Long Beach, Ca) Nov. 2012 STOTT INJURIES AND SPECIAL POPULATIONS (John Garey Fitness and Pilates, Long Beach, Ca) Dec. 2012 STOTT CONTINUING EDUCATION WORKSHOPS (Blue Sparrow Pilates, San Francisco, Ca): 2014 1) Toning balls 2) Programming for Osteoporosis Management 3) Rotational Disks on the Mat 2015 1) Intensifying Essential Reformer 2) Power Paced Fitness Circle 3) Intense Sculpting 2016 1) Teaching to first timers 2) Flexion free 3) 2017 1)Matwork with Props 2) Functional Anatomy- Cueing and Correcting 3) Matwork Interval Training 2018 1) Essential Matwork with a Fascial Focus 2) Athletic Conditioning on Cardio-Trampoline 3) Stability Chair Flow 2019 Advanced Cadillac OTHER CONTINUING EDUCATION WORKSHOPS: 2016 Client Assessment Protocols (Body Harmonics, Oakland, Ca)