A page for your class to grow your audience

Teach what you are passionate about, tell why you are unique, and get paid for your offering.

Classalog helps people discover all the classes around them.

It is free to list your class.  List your experience, your photos and even your contact information so people can directly connect with you!

It is your page, your identity.  Share it with your students, collect payments and build your following. Classalog provides the tools you need to start your business.

“Classalog enables me to have more visibility online. I love it.“

- Laura, yoga instructor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes. If you are teaching two different classes (for example two different dance classes), you should create a page for each.

Yes, it will always be free to list your class. We believe Classalog is more useful if we can have an exhaustive list of local classes, and the only way to do that is to make it easy to add your classes.

We don’t ask for payment for listing and we don’t require you to use our booking system. You are free to keep your existing processes and tools.

Classalog is an opportunity for you to sell the uniqueness of your class and enroll students. People can find you / in addition, we propose tools to accept payment and directly book classes here.

We started classalog.org to help people connect in real life, continue their self actualization, and help people teach their passion.

Our ultimate goal is to make this possible for everyone and we do this by keeping the listings free, and other added services (such as the possibility to collect payment) as cheap as possible.